How To Benefit From Your Bible Journal

Daniella added a Bible Journaling page to my blog and, in strong latina fashion I’m feeling all kinds of emotions about it. Journaling is already a great tool for any person trying to figure out life. I call it my free therapy sessions (writers, you get me). I put it on paper and see my issue, not just feel it, somehow it helps.  When I add bible reading to the process, the living Word of God, journaling helps me absorb it. I find answers to all the questions of life. 

I have found the facts in the bible incredulous! Así es, the stories are also super dramatic and even scandalous at times. I love it!

I get so excited about the secrets I uncover that I find any opportunity to share my findings. I’m probably too much for my flaco, but my friends indulge me and my kids, pues, they stop and listen to me, I am their mother after all.

I am looking forward to sharing, but I’m nerviosa because everything I write es gran cosa. I want others to be amazed with my grand revelations. Ojala it comes out nice and crisp, porque pues my journal is blotchy with tears and smears. 

 There is this thing, this lurking vanity that says “Mira, she’s so organized”….. like my thoughts are ever organized, hijole. Here’s my “nice diagram” attempt to show you what my journaling process might look like: 

Pero ya sabes, it’s not really that neat and orderly. Ya te imagínas! 

En conclusión 

I told Daniella to be more dramatica about the title of this page but she’s not convinced it needs to be. Really! A strong Latina woman and her journals?! 

Bible journaling is so incredibly helpful, I strongly recommend it, and you’ll see que Dios te va a bendecir.


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