Pickings from my Journal

I’ve been busy and distracted by all the happenings, this is normal in my life. Pero, usually I can rally myself and write here on my blog, but here I sit in front of my computer, wondering what to write, feeling the clock ticking and saying, “hurry up tomorrow is publishing day.” I picked up an old journal to stir me up and it did.

My little green journal (a gift from Daniella, I wrote that note too) kept me company during 2010-2012.  I opened it up and stepped into a time capsule filled with emotional talks with the Lord, feeling them again, remembering the intensity of every relationship. Every momentous situation seemed to be tinged with anxiety and through the pages I see now how God held me; patiently and snuggly. Listen…

“Where I’m at as I begin this journal”

Ben and I have passed the intensity. I sense that Ben does love me. (I remembered again how after 21 years of marriage, crisis had hit us and picking up had only been because God held us together) 

Jonathan is 20 now. He’s deep in a relationship with Denise. He is restless and undisciplined in many areas. (Y pues, he was, and 11 years into marriage they have learned alot! Y siguen adelante. still learning. They know Gods with them and fights for them. They know that they will find direction and get wisdom from Gods words; it’s alive! Together with their 5 kids they know that marriage works if they work at it. Y pues, they do work very hard, Denise has turned out to be his crown)

Daniella-is 18 now and is courting Marcus. Things are progressing rapidly. Wish I could know she was sure beyond anything. (Also 11 years into marriage, she knows things change constantly, except God, and she is sure of His authorship, what he started in her, in them, he will complete. She’s a mother of 3 strapping little boys, they are too smart for their own good. With Daniella for their teacher, how could they not excel so quickly?)

Emery is 13 now and is growing into a fine young man. He’s got good humor, he is saved (Born Again) and he’s overcoming the “whiny, me” attitude. (Wow! How the years have flown by. Tuesday he’ll be 26. His wife is planning his birthday now, pero gracias a Dios that my hand is still in the mix!) 

Thomas is 8 now. I’m struggling with his schooling. Trying to decide the right thing to do for him. Binding fear and praying for self control. (Hijole! My baby is now almost 21! He is a beautiful young man.)

That was just the first page! I slowly reviewed it, looking back at the past decade and more. Looking back reminds me of Gods constant care of us, his kids. I’m so thankful for Gods blessings. I love the way my kids through the years have rallied to help each other out. They pray for each other and give to one another and work hard at letting go of offenses. La verdad es que, Daniella, has to be very patient with her brothers, they are brutes! Y pues, constantemente she must forgive them for their heavy jesting. But aside from that, the San Diego Greenes get along beautifully!

En Conclusíon

Reading back through the pages of this little green journal, has been quite therapeutic. I’m glad I did this. I feel better now. Que Dios los bendiga a todos.