I Appreciate My Husband

Today is Husband Appreciation Day. I love it! Y pues I do, I’m putting down pride and vergüenza and declaring a todo el mundo on Husband Appreciation Day that I do appreciate My Cold Blooded Englishman with all my heart. Y ahora, after I’m done publishing this post I have to be just as bold and appreciative to his face. Hijole!

 “I, Benjamin Walter Greene take thee, Rosalba Zepeda to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part.”

Heavy sigh, mi esposo. Luego, if I remember correctly, I then pledged my life to him.

“I, Rosalba Zepeda take thee, Benjamin Walter Greene (And I trembled at the idea that he would be my husband para siempre) to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward,(He was mine, I could hold him, and I today I still yearn for his hold on me) for better, for worse, (I didn’t think we could have any “worse” moments, but if we did, I would love him forever. Y pues, we have experienced worse moments. Sometimes I didn’t think I could survive the “worse” parts. Pero, gracias a Dios he has helped us always) for richer, for poorer, (Money? It’s love that makes the world go round. It would never be our problem. Until it was. Hijole!) in sickness and in health, (Vibrant, young and strong, a glorious time. 34 years later, we’re just a little bit slower)   to love and to cherish, till death do us part.” (I will love you to the moon and back my Benjamin)

Mi esposo, Oh how I thank God for him. Quizás it seems over the top, but it’s not. My husband is a good willed man toward me and his family.  And honestly, although I feel appreciation, and I’m so grateful for him, for us, I don’t voice it enough. He’s been a good provider, working hard so I could work  just as hard at home, to take care of our kids. He’s a present and involved dad father, it matters you know. He is my lover, God has had his protection over our marriage bed, and when the enemy has come in like the flood to destroy our vows, Ben has faced it and God has helped us, keeping us one. My Cold Blooded Englishman is learning the secrets to being a companion to this feisty Mexican American girl, and I love him for it, because he aims to dwell in understanding with me, eso, es muy dificil I want you to know. My husband is my headship, tan dramatica, maybe for some offensive, pero asi es. He’s been  my covering, throughout our lives together, he takes care of me, praying often for me.

Con todo mi corazon, I appreciate the life God has given me with him. He’s a great giver, y ahora I get to tell you about the most recent gifts he’s given me.

Among the many things mi esposo can do, he enjoys gardening and I reap the benefits. He loves working in the yard and making things grow. I’m hoping to one day go out to the yard when he’s working and jump right in and help him and enjoy it. He says it relaxes him, que? The digging and planting, bending over to pull up stubborn weeds and keeping the grass cut. Que relax! One day I received a box of all kinds of herbs and flowers seeds for my garden from my bestie. She’s trying to convert me into a gardener. She knows Ben and I will enjoy working together in the garden. I told her I would have to talk to my gardener Ben to plant them. Earlier this year he did it. He set up a planter and  planted herbs and flowers and I was happy for him! Shaking my head!  Pero, this morning, a fine sunny day, I went on my errands and as I pulled back into the driveway, the purple herbs waved and the sweet flowers curtsied toward me. It was a pretty scene, if I was a gardener I would know the names of the flowers, but I was now glad Ben planted my seeds. I’ve yet to thank him and tell him how much I appreciate him, since he’s been really really busy for me. Asi es, my Mcgiver is putting in my new kitchen tile. I did have to stay clear of his way, mostly he’s very calmado, but when it comes to new projects, he can not tolerate interruptions. Por supuesto that I was a good wife and gave him all the space he needed. 

En conclusíon

 We’re going on a date tonight, I’ll be able to look right into his eyes and thank him and tell him how much I love and appreciate him. Husband Appreciation Day is a great idea, I’m glad googled shared the info with me. Wife, if you haven’t noticed lately those little things, like him making coffee for you and him. Pero, if he is doing those big things like a new floor, give him the kudos he deserves. Andale, use this day and let the thank yous flow, y que Dios las bendiga