How To Pay Attention When Your Grandkids Talk To You

Last weekend we had a workday at our church that started at 7am. Since it is a volunteer army, people came in as soon as they were able to, y gracias a Dios, because we had a lot of work to do. Men women and children were ready to work. Asi es, the little children were very excited to work and have fun. Is that even possible? Por supuesto que si! I put on their perspective and got to work and for the most part had fun.
We worked hard, our long list had almost been tackled by noon. We were starving! We were all ready for the best part of “church cleanup day” Lunch time! One of the ladies had volunteered to cook for us all and we were hungrily anticipating her delicious Mexican food. We showed much self restraint as the food was unloaded and everyone noisily lined up for grubbing.
I had the privilege of sitting next to Rachel Greene, mi nieta and her friends. She was busy talking, she stopped her conversation to welcome her D’ma, then went right back to her conversation. Which was good because I wanted to eat. so I listened. Hijole! That 6 year old was deep!

Rachel: When I get to heaven (Amen, loved her confidence in the God who healed her) I can’t wait to meet Jesus and then I’m gonna ask him something. (ooh I was curious, what could be the first thing a 6 year little girl would ask the creator of the universe? I jumped into that convo just as soon as I was done chewing my morsel)
Me: What are you going to ask him Rachel?
Rachel: I’m going to ask Him how many hairs are on my head. (Que? Why was that so important? Did it really matter? Then I remembered that Jesus said (Luke 12:7) “even the very hairs on your head are all numbered” If it an important detail to God, then it was important to Rachel, Por supuesto, I was reminded of how much the details of my life mattered to God and I need not to worry)
Me: Wow! That’s a great question Rachel. ( I did chuckle to myself as I thought of those men who already knew the answer)
While I was chomping on some more chicken, Lorraine also had a question for God.
Lolo: I’m going to ask God who his mother was. (I put on my “theology” and tried to explain that God didn’t have a mother)
Lolo: Everyone has a mother.
Me: Well but he is God, he has always been. He’s the great I Am. (Ya te imaginas! Lorraine stared at me blankly, or maybe she was worried for me? Especially since I am her Sunday school teacher. I was humbled at their desire to know the details of God and their curiosity about Him, I mean, he is interested in all the details of our lives.)

Faith like a child, simple and literal, wouldn’t life be easier if I could just let go and believe?

Luego, that evening, while we were celebrating Emerys birthday, now a married man at the ripe old again of 26. Jeremiah, my 3 year old grandson, wanted to touch the birthday cake, the blue swirled frosting lured him.

Me: Jeremiah do not stick your finger in the cake.
Jeremiah: D’ma I’m just looking at it. (but temptation got the most of him, his finger had a mind of it’s own and his lips now had blue frosting on them)
Me: Jeremiah, I told you not to touch the cake. Get down off that chair.
Jeremiah: Ok. I’m sorry D’ma.
Me: (I didn’t hear him, so I didn’t acknowledge his apology) Jeremiah get off the chair.
Jeremiah: D’ma do you D’didme?
Me: What? Jeremiah I asked you to get off the chair.
Jeremiah (pausing from his descent and looking me in the eyes) I said, do you d’didme?
Me: Jeremiah (I sighed heavily) I don’t understand what you’re saying, but you need to get down from the chair.
Jeremiah: (As he heard the warning in my voice he continued getting off the chair but still said once more, this time separating his words) D’ma, I said, du you da div me?
Me: (the lights turned on! I understood him) Do I forgive you? (He smiled and nodded) Of course I do Jeremiah. (He started back up the chair!) Yes, I forgive you, but you still must get off the chair, now.
Fijate, how this little guy was calculating the conversation. If I forgave him, then we picked up where we left off. Isn’t that how forgiveness should be? Our hearts light with a burden lifted. Already at 3 years old he was figuring out forgiveness. I remembered that, like Jeremiah, sometimes I need that assurance, that eye contact, the recognition of forgiveness and using persistence is good.

En Conclusíon

I really enjoy talking to my grandkids, they are the smartest kids in the whole wide world! I Often walk away with a gem. Por supuesto, that it requires that I slow down and listen y aunque no lo crees, strong latina women have that rep of taking over a conversation, well maybe just this one. Pero, I do slow down, it takes a minute and patience. Te lo recomiendo, it can get deeper than you realize.

You know that saying “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away” I think that “A talk with my grandkids, keeps grumpy away” Have a beautiful weekend, y que Dios los bendiga.