30 Years of Marriage to my Gringo

My name is Rosalba, but most people call me Rosie.

Rosalba is hard for most people to pronounce. and it’s very hard on me every time I hear it butchered! Roe-salll-ba (did you hear that? sorry) Or worse, Rosauba (what happened to the L? only the H is silent in Spanish, this is my husbands version) . When strangers see my name written, like the lady at the bank, they will just say an easy close version like Rosalie. It rolls off the tongue of my family; my mother would start at her gut and boom it out ROSALBAAA (usually because she had to reach me down the street, or past our back yard and thru the alley, where I was usually focused on my game, which ever one that was at the moment; note: pre-cell phone era :D)  Finally at thirteen, a freshmen in high school my volleyball coach, christened me Rosie, she sorta kinda asked if it was ok. It was weird, Rosie was a white girls name, I didn’t really care for it, but quickly got used to it. I don’t think I missed my whole name too much, especially because at home I was still Rosalba. In recent years I have found the “spanish version” of my nickname; Rosy (can you hear that slight Mexican accent?) Now a days the person who mostly uses my full name is my “big sis” and usually I think I’ve done something wrong when she calls me.