7 Habits of Optimistic People

Oh happy day! February 2nd is National Optimist Day. A person who tends to be hopeful and confident about the future is an Optimist. They can see good things even in bad situations. Today I’m celebrating optimism and Optimistic people

Optimists practice good habits. Fijate:

  1. They are grateful, even on bad days. (When I give bad days too much emotion I reach for the obvious and thank God for his provision. I’ve been practicing a gratitude journal for a few years, ever since I read the book called The Gratitude Diaries . Two rules for myself- Todos los dias, recognize two things that I’m grateful for and write it down. It keeps me mindful of Gods daily blessings, especially on the “not so optimistic” days)
  2. They give to others: time, money, work. (We’ve all been given talents to use. I do some of my giving through cooking & serving food)
  3. They are interested in others (I love to talk, and when I talk with my sister, siempre, we talk over each other, but we also enjoy hearing what good things others have to share)
  4. They surround themselves with upbeat positive people (I love my family and my extended church family, we are a “well rounded bunch” as God is growing us)
  5. They Don’t listen to Naysayers (I have to turn them off or I get dragged through anxiety)
  6. They forgive others (Jesus helps me here, he holds my hand, leading me through his example)
  7. They smile. (I grin mostly, but it’s hard to tell with my strong latina woman seriousness. Does that count?)

Optimists  choose to be optimistic consistently. They show their good side almost always and even in times of crisis, they choose to believe that  “this too will pass”

Those 7 habits are good goals to aim at. Y pues as a Christian the Holy Spirit is working in my heart. I can be grateful, giving, concerned, positive, forgiving and smiling. When pessimism comes around and wants to sit at my table I have to be intentional and push it off. Asi es, on those bad days I must do like the Optimist and look beyond the situation, control my thoughts and move forward, especially because I know where my hope lies. 

My Optimistic friends:

 I surround myself with optimistic visionary people that I love and respect. They are an anchor in my life. They always come with victory in their steps. Here’s just 2 examples, like the younger generation says “they are goals!” Two couples that absolutely shine in life.

Mike and Inez: She’s mi fiel amiga, and he got to make her his wife.  Inez is one of those people that seemed unreal to me. My first encounter with her was unbelievable, there I was ready to make her feel welcomed and loved at church because that’s what you do when new people come to your church. Inez made me feel quite loved and welcomed!  I walked away thinking “This girl can’t be real! She’s too sweet.”  Hijole! Con mucha pena, I must admit that I was already a Christian, pero God knew I needed some good influencers in my life to get me on the optimist track. 

Inez is friendly, outrageously generous, a good listener, compassionate, honest and loyal. She makes me feel wanted and special. When Mike, her husband came along he swooped her off her feet, now together, as one, they fuel each other’s optimism. They are “pioneering” a church, the vision of our fellowship. I am eternally grateful for the pioneer who brought the gospel to my life. Pioneering  comes with much sacrifice, Pero you wouldn’t know it seeing the constant smile on their faces. 

Misael and Elma, one of my favorite couples. They are people magnets, drawing people to themselves, making it look so easy to be happy all the time. 

Misael is always smiling, de veras. His smile isn’t necessarily contagious, because by now I’d be smiling regularly, verdad? Pero, Misa, as we all call him, definitely affects you with his smile, it’s a friendly smile that starts at his eyes. Then there’s Elma, his wife. A spicy, hot tamale Mexican woman! She is always laughing and making you laugh with her wisecracks. She really is never uptight about things. She works with what she has, flows with the punches or punches right back, with a grin of course. They truly enjoy life and invite you into their joy, they make room for people in their lives, practicing those habits of the optimist. Recently they answered the call as missionaries, back into their homeland! Having been raised in the good ole U.S.A. they do miss the comforts and liberties they had here, but with joy they left it. De veras. Y ahora, they are having the time of their lives as God enlarges their borders.

Mis Amigos, even when their not posing that smile is always shining 🙌

En conclusion:

Have a happy day, make time to thank the optimist in your life, they really do know how to do life well. Gracias a Dios for the optimists in the world that know how to lighten the load of a heavy day, y que Dios los bendiga.


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