Update On Rachel Greene

Rachel Greene, my youngest granddaughter, has been reminding me since September that her birthday was coming up soon. Por su puesto que, her other siblings needed to be acknowledged first. Her big sis Neveah had her birthday in September, check. Then Uriah had his first birthday in November, check. Y ahora si,she hugged me on Monday night and reminded me one more time.

Rachel:  “D’ma my birthday is in two days. I’m going to have two parties” 

Me: “Wow! Two parties?! Will I be invited to them? 

Rachel: One is for me with my friends and the other is for family. 

She said that to explain that since I am part of her family I could attend the family shindig. 

God Still Does Miracles!

Aqui mero, I’m going to be one of those abuelas culecas that pounce on any opportunity to show off.  Rachel is now three days into her sixth year, she’s a sweet and shy little girl when there are too many people, pobrecita, that’s rough, because we, her family is a growing crowd. I’m not showing Rachel off so much as I am my God’s omnipotent power and bountiful grace. Jesus still does miracles today!

 Es que, Rachel at three months was healed from an excruciatingly painful condition of a hemangioma and a possible life threatening condition called PHACE. “PHACE Syndrome is the uncommon association between large infantile hemangiomas, usually of the face, and birth defects of the brain, heart, eyes, skin and/or arteries. It is an acronym that stands for the medical names of the parts of the body it often impacts:”

 Mi nietecita is completely healed, Rachel Greene is without pain! The lingering scar shows up occasionally, usually to uncover her emotions. When she’s mad her bottom lip turns a shade darker and when she’s frightened and crying it goes into the purple shade. 

As she’s getting older she has noticed it, mostly because others have pointed it out. It makes her uncomfortable and self conscious. Last year, I got wind of another little girl pointing it out and saying something like “too bad you’re not pretty like Mari” Que! Por supuesto que my first granddaughter Maricella is absolutely beautiful, but so is Rachel.  I wanted to jump on my helicopter, you know the ones that moms use and hover over their kids with. I wanted to hover over her life to intercept the stupid things kids and adults say! And protect my lil guerita. Needless to say that Rachel now sees the pink little spot and dots on her beautiful face, and doesn’t like it. Pero pues, God is faithful and he didn’t heal her so that her mind and eyes could get caught up on this as she’s growing up. Life can be tricky sometimes, and this healing miracle will be a source of comfort to her as she continues to grow. We see that scar as beautiful, a mark of God’s hand covering her.

 I’m confident that when she sees all that God has done, she will embrace her heritage and open the door of her heart when Jesus knocks to sup with her. Then, she’ll be truly amazed at his beauty through her.

Mientras, I rejoice in her, our little gift before Christmas. I’m grateful that God healed her and is giving her a solid platform to stand on. 


5 thoughts on “Update On Rachel Greene

  1. Cindy

    Rachel is absolutely gorgeous. She is one of the most beautiful little girls I’ve ever seen. I pray those kids who say mean things to her get convicted one day. And I pray God give little Rachel comfort and let’s her see that God made her special.


    • Mexican-American Girl

      Hi Cindy, seguro que si! Rachel is a beauty. Kids can be brutal when they make comments on things they don’t understand, I’m confidant that God will cover her though and lace her beauty with grace as she continues to grow ♥️


  2. Marina Martinez

    Rachel, tell them it’s a beauty mark from God and that ur sorry God didn’t give them one BUT tell them God still loves u and if that don’t work ,,Call ME TIA MARina(aka) Tia Rina I’ll take Care of them
    Love u HAPPY birthday 🎂,,,Mzm


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