In Memory of Patty

I don’t want to remember that day I walked home from the library and heard Pattys voice on my answering machine. “Rosie, I’m here at Kaiser, I was admitted…”

I want to remember a sweet visit instead. A day we laughed and rejoiced at being together.

It was Thanksgiving and I was busy cooking. I’m always in the kitchen when the company is visiting. Several of us ladies, maybe my sister, maybe our dear friend Cecilia, Daniella for sure, were gathered in the dining room. As always the conversation headed to the “weight” room. Each of us whining about how difficult it is to lose weight. Quien sabe I might have been stuffing the turkey right about the moment. We had the menu lined up and I was busy getting it ready. We always talked about quick weight loss- which jumps right back on you the moment you turn your back. And laid out the wisdom of slow weight loss and establishing good habits. Pero, we rarely talked about an important component of this good kind of living which is Exercise 😬. Then Patty took over the conversation as we listened to her version of “How To Get Buns Of Steel” 

She said it was quite easy and could be done anywhere anytime! To prove it she stood up and demonstrated. She turned her back to everyone and faced me, I was in the kitchen dicing and slicing. She said “while you work there dicing just squeeze your butt cheeks and hold, release, then repeat” I did, it was too easy. “It’s that easy, ok let’s try it!” And there in my dining room, me in the kitchen, we stood squeezing, holding, holding, holding, then releasing, the repeating. The whole time we were working on making our buns of steel we were laughing out loud at how ridiculous we looked! Describing scenarios of our “exercise” while we stand in line at the bank or grocery store! Hijole! What would the person behind us think, especially if you are well endowed with plenty of butt to convert to steel 😁

En conclusión: 

Today marks 14 years since Patty, mi hermana, one of my besties went home before me. Now that I think about it, she was always late! My hope remains on the resurrection of Christ, for thru his sacrifice I can hope for reuniting…there we shouldn’t need to worry about flab in our new bodies 🥰

Que Dios los bendiga and give you a beautiful Sunday. 


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