Happy Best Friends Day

Thank God for True Friends:

Dicen por hay que it’s “Best Friends” Day today. Well I definitely have a shout out for my BFFs today and hopefully often 😀

Having been made in the “image of God” I tend to desire and enjoy beautiful honest friendship. I started this post by “researching” on google what the “qualifications” of a friend are, que verguenza! After almost 38 years of relationship with the creator of friendship, my dear dear friend Jesus, who loves me unconditionally and forgives my indiscretions, gently pointed me to the original “friend manual” 

Friendship tips: 

*Be friendly🥰 (Prov 18:24)

*Practice all those disciplines that the flesh runs from: give love, ten pacencia, show kindness, rejoice always, don’t boast, don’t gloat, resist envy, se generosa with compliments :), give a helping hand, let your heart care for another, protect the reputation of others. You’ll find these instructions in the famous Love chapter of the bible in the New Testament (1Corinthians 13: 4-7)

*Appreciate and enjoy the time God gives you with your friend (Eph. 5:16)

My Own Observation on Friends:

Gracias a Dios. I have a wide range of friends.

Some are peers. Some are family and some used to be strangers from a different world. Some are young and Some are older 😏. Some are rough and tough! The mean mugging type, but beneath it is a loyal friend. 

I love the gift of friendships God has given me, it has made a huge difference as I walk this journey called life.

“Dear George: Remember no man is a failure who has friends.”— It’s a Wonderful Life https://everydaypower.com/friendship-quotes/

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