How To Assemble A Tostada

One of the many things I love about my church family is how we love to celebrate each other’s blessings. Last week the ladies gathered together for a baby shower. The young mom we celebrated was very grateful, but also very anxious not to overload any of us. She did not want to be a burden. After we convinced her that it was truly our pleasure she asked that we keep it very simple. The party planner kept it simple and beautiful. We’ve got a solid group of women who work well together and cover all the aspects of an event for a beautiful presentation. My contribution is usually in the kitchen. That’s me, always in the kitchen. 

Ahora, when I heard that my assignment was to keep the meal simple, pues! No problem. Beans, rice, and tostadas are nice. I immediately secured help from my cuñada Sandra and another sis for shredded meat. Bien facil, pork, chicken and beef. I was not feeling any kind of burden, especially when the ladies reached out to offer help. I stayed on the real simple track.  I asked for help with the “assembly parts” of a tostada. You know, the tortilla shells, shredded cheese, sour cream, guacamole, shredded lettuce, diced onion, diced tomatoes,chopped cilantro and wedges of limón.  We would offer two options of salsa red or green.

Frijoles de la olla

I put my frijoles on early in the morning since it was a good size pot. I have had several ladies remind me of the convenience of the Instapot, but old ways are hard to break, it takes a miracle! Needless to say that I was a bit stressed because I was running late. All the “Instapotters” right here could wag their finger at me and say Ves! I told you so! Luego! I was beginning to wonder if two large pans of refried beans was enough? But I quickly chided myself beans were not the main event, no the preocupes, I told myself.

I walked into the hall and wanted to turn around with my very simple menu! Hijole, Julia, the party planner kept it simple alright. Her labor of love was displayed so beautifully, but my tostada and rice dinner was demasiado simple. Pues ni modo, this crowd was gracious. I felt better when someone said “I love the meal plan, Mexican food is my favorite” my shoulders lifted again. 

How To Properly Assemble A Tostada

I was in the kitchen while everyone was serving themselves so I didn’t immediately notice that tostadas were not being assembled properly. No need to panic, beans are never the main event. I went back to the kitchen. The first pan of beans was gone! Hijole!  How was that possible? Maybe I needed to give a quick class on how to assemble a tostada? By the time I decided to get out of the kitchen and join everyone and eat, the second pan was almost gone. Imaginate! Se acabaron los frijoles?! The disgrace I felt, what latina in the world had ever run out of food? Que vergüenza. The walk of shame back to the kitchen. One of the sisters comforted me with these words

Sister: Don’t worry Rosie, everyone got seconds

Me: But I know I made enough beans. I should have given a quick lesson on assembling a tostada. (anything to redeem myself) 

She laughed at the silly suggestion. Pero, I wonder If only I would have carefully instructed them to add just a small amount of beans spread nicely to cover the shell. Follow that with your choice of shredded meat and topped with any or all of the “assembly parts.” Then you carefully sprinkle on your choice of green or red salsa… Maybe then, this latina wouldn’t have this dark stain on her cooking reputation.   

En Conclusión

When I told Maria, my sister in law, she said “There’s your next post idea, “How to assemble a tostada” And I knew she was right, perhaps I could save another cook’s reputation. Then she added,

“But you know, I love bean tostadas, I prefer them over meat” Esperate! Just beans?!  I hadn’t considered that. Bottom line is that mi ama didn’t calculate her meals by how many people to expect, she always was ready to serve an army. A la otra, I’ll be ready too!


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