A Resolution to Resolve


Now that all the Christmas decorations are put away, estaba pensando…Yup, usually when I say “I’ve been thinking,” it’s because a change is needed or a change is wanted, or something has got to happen! Being the new year of course I feel the pressure of that clean slate, that “2022 organizer” Y pues, gracias a Dios that I’m in 2022, otra chansa! 

The word ‘Resolution’ has all kinds of formal definitions in the world of dictionaries, mira, Cambridge dictionary had one definition in these words “A promise to yourself to do or not to do something”  On January 1 I truly felt the motivation,saw the need, felt it in heart to get things resolved. I make a thoroughly long list of things that must change, things that must go and things that need revamping. Then, as if someone yanks my “New Years Resolution” list away (me)  it gets lost early in the year. Usually by February, I’m purposely forgetting it, filing it away or throwing it out. I continually fall off the race track, fiercely hanging on to somethings on that list. 

La verdad es que, they’re pretty much the same recycled goals. Ya saben, I gotta let Jesus shine in me, I gotta lose weight, I gotta get organized,I gotta finish that degree (heavy sigh and rolling eyes) y I gotta get my book published! 

This year, otra vez, I did re-resolve my new/old list of goals, hopefully this year my “accountability group” will help me stay on track. (That sounds so clinical huh?)  I guess the positive side is that I haven’t stopped trying verdad? Y! With gratitude lenses I see that many things have seen resolution through the decades of my life.

I enjoyed the way this blogger summed up the year and quotes for seizing opportunities:   

Notes to Self at the Start of 2022 — Mitch Teemley

You’re still alive–there’s a reason for that. Get to it! “I’ve got to admit it’s getting better, oh, so much better all the time.” ~Paul McCartney (“It can’t get much worse.” ~John Lennon) “Thank u, next.” ~Ariana Grande “Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb — that’s where all the fruit is.” ~Frank Scully […]

Notes to Self at the Start of 2022 — Mitch Teemley

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