2021 Recap ¿Aprovechaste el Año?

It’s the last day of the year, incredible! (I started this post last year, 24 hours ago, hijole!) Every time another year comes to a close, I look backward and forward, and all the cliche thoughts pop up. I could have done that thing I wanted to do and I should have made that change that was so desperately needed. All of the what if’s tug at me. Y por su puesto, the goal markers come marching in. Next year is gonna be different. I’m gonna do things better and bigger. I will get…I will do… I will be…Esperate!

 It’s early evening and that part of the last day of the year is also passed on. Que bueno, because tomorrow, I think I’m supposed to reconfigure my goals, verdad? For Christmas, I got a very efficient planner and desk calendar to aid me, I’ll keep you posted.

Pero, instead of sharing goals or making resolutions, I’ll share the notables of the 12 months of 2021.

Mexican-American Girls 2021 Recap

-En Enero, after covid obstacles we were able to bury my apa. we needed that finality and then I closed that chapter of my life with my apa with a grand finale. My sis and I honored him with a beautiful memorial service, 96 years can’t be captured in a 10 minute video of course, pero mi hijo did capture his Tatas good side 😀 I also got a chance to spend time with 2 of my brothers. 

-Luego en Febrero- Ben and I always take advantage of our annual Valentines Day/Marriage seminar tune up. Always a good reminder that we enter into marriage two very selfish individuals and as we persevere we are converted…con el favor de Dios of course

The valentines day photo booth also works for photos with my nietas!

-March came marching in with birthdays galore, mi hijo, mis nietos and mis buenas amigas-I would catch my breath and then ready myself for the next cumpleanos, I spent a lot of time en la cocina.

-No April fools jokes lurked around the corner to surprise me, well actually one did and it turned sour. “The Real Ben” he’s really the little Ben, anyway he played a cruel joke on me way back then, and I’m barely able to laugh about it. He made me think I had cracked a bone in his neck!! Imaginate my fear, I layed hands on him praying, then when I saw that he was laughing! I layed hands on him with my foot! These are the things my boys, muy chistosos! Do to me!

-Eventually I recovered and forgave him enough to accept his gift for mothers day, muy victima que me senti.

-In June Ben got his glory time for fathers day, I got an incredible deal for a kayak, I’m trying to be that good wife after more than 30 years and trying the things he loves to do, anything thats connected to the ocean.

-July gave me an opportunity to go to our annual summer bible conference with my sister.  It was her first experience and what an experience. Our fellowship of churches are pentecostal with a vision to see lives changed through the message of the gospel. Once a couple is transformed by Jesus and has vision, they will get sent out somewhere in the world to make disciples. These bible conferences are opportunities to fuel up on God’s spirit and vision. 

Our own little church has that vision and this year we sent one couple into Mexico City for their missionary assignment, covid no longer detained them. By “sent” I mean we backed them financially, we are there for them as they build a church. We launched them and they are thriving! Luego, we sent a 2nd couple into Detroit Michigan, these San Diego natives are acclimating to the cold weather of Detroit and breaking ground as they build a congregation of believers.

-August came around and I realized that I could pick up my school books again, so I did. I’ll be the oldest graduating college student in the world, pero, I am really hoping to finish this race, did you notice I didn’t say quickly 😀 

 -September always kicks our celebration season wide open, birthdays and anniversaries. We kicked off the season with Bens 59th birthday (my Flaco is kinda tripping “Yikes! I’m almost 60” thought reality) Just before this party I was able to squeeze in a trip to Nogales to visit my dear and beautiful friend. Somehow God always helps me make a way to strengthen the cords of friendship. Then just before Daniellas birthday I squeezed in a trip to the NorthWest to celebrate a marriage covenant, my besties son got married.

-I never let my birthday in October go by without a bang, and this year was no exception.

-Our 3rd Benjamin was welcomed into the family on the day after Thanksgiving and we rejoiced at the ease 😀 of it all. I tell you, Abuela status is the way to refill that empty nest for short moments. They always go home to momma. 

-November also marked un ano for MexicanAmericangirl.com. It has been running at a good pace all year long, bueno, more like a good walk. November also brought my dear friend home from a long battle against covid. Those difficult days were insulated with the prayer of the saints, her church family contending for her. When the doctors gave up, when we were too weary, Jesus was always there with her. Gracias a Dios.

-I told you all about my December days already, except of course the sick bug hit me, it snuck in a quick punch and wanted to topple me over, but like Nacho Libre, I was quick on my feet and in my stretchys avoided the knock out! I was able to wish my loves a Feliz Ano nuevo at midnight as the clock marked a new year.

Now it’s a new year and of course I’m hopeful. I’ve got goals, I’ve got plans and I’ve got work to do!

I do hope and pray your Ano Nuevo is one filled with peace, you know that kind of peace that keeps you steady when chaos is erupting? I’m also believing that this new kind of normal will bring heart changes and restoration into broken lives. Y tambien, I hope that this new normal will provoke new avenues for progress for us all.

God bless you everyone and “Carpe annum” Seize the year, don’t let it seize you!  

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