Pause the Christmas Countdown

I know that Navidad is just around the corner but I couldn’t keep it to myself, de veras, I tried. I don’t usually post outside of my weekly schedule, it’s rare when I post in the middle of the week. Pero, it’s my apas first big celebration in heaven. One of the epistles of Peter says kinda like this, mas o menos “ Remember this, with the Lord a day is like 1000 years and a 1000 years are like a day….” So, I think essentially we don’t age… and I remember that my 96 year old apa didn’t want to get old, God heard him huh?

This post is my birthday shout out to my dad, acuerdense, I love a birthday party. Mi apa is no longer suffering from dementia and he can remember us all. 

Feliz Cumpleanos apa, disfrute su alivio. Saludos a mi ama y mis hermanas!

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