It’s Caesar Chaves Day! Si Se Puede!

Happy Caesar Chavez Day! Go on, enjoy the colorful display of foods, fruits and vegetables on Americas’ table.

March marks the beginning of Springtime. A time to plant, but also a time to harvest. How fitting it is to commemorate Caesar Chavez, a hero to the migrant workers around the United States! 

This definitely strikes a chord with me since I myself have picked and packed grapes from the vineyards of Coachella Valley.

Caesar Chavez and his family survived the Great Depression though not without great loss. He dropped out of school to work in the fields and help the family. I have great appreciation and admiration for his service in our U.S. military. It was the only time he left his work in the fields. His first hand experience with the sweat and toil equipped him for the fight to improve the lives of farm workers in America.  

“To be a man is to suffer for others. God help us be men.” Caesar Chavez

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