A Hyphenated-American,

or in this case Mexican-American

is one who carries a little stash of salsa in her backpack,

ready to add culture and make every situation flavorful and spicy.

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Reminder To Slow Down When Reading Your Bible

Saturdays are busy days, verdad que si? Y pues, reading my bible on weekends is a bit different for me than the rest of the week. Asi es, I’m usually too busy to spend time on the slow lane and leisurely read. Me da vergüeza to admit it. Anyway, today I slowed down and I’m glad I did, it’s always an incredible time to sup with Jesus. Sup: To eat slowly by spoonfuls. Hijole! On…

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I am a Traditional Wife

I am still reacting to a podcast I listened to recently. I was one of the targeted women he spoke about; traditional wives. He said that it was considered by some, a “dangerous trend” “Trad wives” De repente it’s becoming popular? This dialogue pulled up that long squished question which I sometimes still struggle with in my life, “What do you do Rosie?” My answer? “Well, I’m, ummm, I’m a homemaker” (a nervous laugh usually…

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How To Manage Changes

I have made some changes. One has been to  increase my posting, y pues it is a challenge. I sit down to write and stare at my computer, I look at my phone… Oh! I gotta answer that text immediately. Hmmm…. I wonder what I can make for dinner? I am struggling. I don’t know if there’s a method, una llave? A special technique or touch that will open up the words, phrases and prose…

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How To Follow A Recipe

We ladies love to talk about food. What we eat, what we cook, who we feed, how many people we were able to feed out of that one dish, Verdad que si? My bestie is in town and when she’s around I eat healthier and we talk about “creative cooking.” I’m not sure if that’s the best description of our food discussions. We’ve been working on easing me away from my Mexican food comfort zone.…

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How A Dream Changed My Life

All through the day I’ve been scrambling through my mind and through my files to find a fun writing prompt or a happy one at least. It’s still raining in San Diego and so my heart is dreary and my mind is blocked.  Pero mira, I found this thought I wrote last year. The year I was born again, the day, the hour, the place, all of it is still vivid. I’m glad I saw…

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Out of The Pages of My Caregiving Diary

March 12th is a day to remember on the calendar for me. One of my dearest friends was born on this day, I am so grateful for her in my life. Y luego, my second grandchild was born on March 12, he also took a star position on that day. Hay mas! We also celebrate a special wedding day; Mr. & Mrs. Emmanuel Zepeda, happy anniversary Cita! Added to that beautiful day is the miracle…

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Ama To The Rescue

El otro dia, my friend who is also an abuela, was wearing a t-shirt that said “Never Fear! Nonna is here” I loved it! Probably because it resonated with me. Somehow we abuelas always make a way to help our kids when we are able to. Pero ni se diga! For our grandkids we jump, run and maybe even speed up to help them, porque sera?  Tuesday morning I received a text from my son.…

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How To Benefit From Your Bible Journal

Daniella added a Bible Journaling page to my blog and, in strong latina fashion I’m feeling all kinds of emotions about it. Journaling is already a great tool for any person trying to figure out life. I call it my free therapy sessions (writers, you get me). I put it on paper and see my issue, not just feel it, somehow it helps.  When I add bible reading to the process, the living Word of…

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  1. Wow, the sequence of events that happened prior to your visit to Mexico were divinely intentional, up to the Englishman’s…

  2. All my kids had nicknames up until they were about 4? Aaron- Borrego Adrian- Chiquilin Alexa- Patita Aria- Mamachiwish I’m…



  • Reading and editing these posts has given me a glimpse, my own little window, into my Grandparents kitchen. I never had the joy and the privilege of getting to know my Abuela Chuy, but now I’ve experienced sitting at her table enjoying a cafecito and a galletita. I’ve been to my mother’s small town many times but now I’ve run and played with her beyond the train tracks in the empty dirt lot. It’s an honor to know that the old park my cousins and I have played at in Calipatria, was built there in part by my Tata’s influence. Maybe it’s a daughter’s rose colored glasses, but I am captivated and transported to that little neighborhood in the barrio on the Eastside.

    Daniella (Rosie’s daughter/ Editor of this blog)

  • Love reading these blogs, so much history!
    Every story I feel like I’m there living it 😆