A Hyphenated-American,

or in this case Mexican-American

is one who carries a little stash of salsa in her backpack,

ready to add culture and make every situation flavorful and spicy.

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My Middle of the Day Prayer Time With My Grandsons.

I have been reading and hearing a lot about the power of prayer. Pero que este bien claro, that I’m speaking about praying to Jesus Christ, God Almighty. Y pues I’ve been asking, you know, praying, that He would enlarge me so that I might pray with confidence to the God who wants to bless me as He does His will here on earth.  Pray often, pray sincerely, pray with faith, pray without ceasing, pray…

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Mi Ama and her Novelas

My ama has been on my mind a lot. I miss her. This coming Monday, May 29th will be 34 years since she went to get some real rest. Mothers day just passed this month and I had many moms to give well wishes to and plenty of people outside of my children blessed me with gifts and flowers and beautiful cards. It felt so nice to feel so loved and yet, the cards that…

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How I Have Enjoyed Greene Traditions

History and legacy are important to the Greene’s. They’re diligence of keeping historic records and appreciating the “things” passed down from generation to generation has helped maintain the beautiful tradition of family union alive. Even as I write this post, family members who are able to attend the “Opening Weekend” of The Manse are already there working hard and strengthening the family ties.  Every year the Greene and Torrey families gather for a family reunion…

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Proverbs for Moms

To all the mothers, congratulations y Feliz dia de las madres. Special appreciation to all the moms who have made a difference in my life, your mothering has gotten my attention. Sometimes, it was a personal touch, sometimes it was a wonderful example, y otras veces, your mothering arrested me and I checked my mothering so I could imitate “your approach”  Sister, friend and mother, these Proverbs are for you. They describe these traits of…

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Mil Gracias A Mi Ama

I was listening to a podcast this week that spoke about “father wounds” and how to overcome them. The interviewee said that one tool used to overcome this, is writing a letter to your absentee dad to “get it all out.”  Y me puse a pensar, that I should have done the opposite. What was the opposite? Thanking my parents for their parenting, for their sacrifices and for their love. Que lastima that I didn’t…

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How To Pay Attention When Your Grandkids Talk To You

Last weekend we had a workday at our church that started at 7am. Since it is a volunteer army, people came in as soon as they were able to, y gracias a Dios, because we had a lot of work to do. Men women and children were ready to work. Asi es, the little children were very excited to work and have fun. Is that even possible? Por supuesto que si! I put on their…

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How To Make and Appreciate Beans

Beans are very much a tradition of Mexican and Mexican American culture. Once upon a time they were considered, “la comida del pobre”. They are a humble dish to serve, economical and  available on the spot. “¿Quieres un taco de frijoles? is what my ama offered after school or practice. A bean taco, which was really a bean burrito because the beans were wrapped in one of her yummy flour tortillas. That was always available…

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Pickings from my Journal

I’ve been busy and distracted by all the happenings, this is normal in my life. Pero, usually I can rally myself and write here on my blog, but here I sit in front of my computer, wondering what to write, feeling the clock ticking and saying, “hurry up tomorrow is publishing day.” I picked up an old journal to stir me up and it did. My little green journal (a gift from Daniella, I wrote…

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  • Reading and editing these posts has given me a glimpse, my own little window, into my Grandparents kitchen. I never had the joy and the privilege of getting to know my Abuela Chuy, but now I’ve experienced sitting at her table enjoying a cafecito and a galletita. I’ve been to my mother’s small town many times but now I’ve run and played with her beyond the train tracks in the empty dirt lot. It’s an honor to know that the old park my cousins and I have played at in Calipatria, was built there in part by my Tata’s influence. Maybe it’s a daughter’s rose colored glasses, but I am captivated and transported to that little neighborhood in the barrio on the Eastside.

    Daniella (Rosie’s daughter/ Editor of this blog)

  • Love reading these blogs, so much history!
    Every story I feel like I’m there living it 😆